Racial Bias in Pennsylvania's Funding of Public Schools

My analysis of enrollment, demographics, and basic education funding of Pennsylvania’s 501 public school districts revealed dramatically higher per-student funding in districts with predominantly white populations compared to economically similar districts with more racial diversity.

Media coverage:

Analyzing Syria Casualties

Here's an interactive dashboard analyzing casualties in Syria over the last 3+ years.  I created this analysis in collaboration with sumall.org and HumanitarianTracker.  It is described in this sumall blog post and referenced in the following on-line publications:

Bias in Prosecution of Prostitution-Related Crimes

This interactive dashboard, developed in collaboration with sumall.org and Sanctuary For Families analyzes 9 years of arrest data from New York State, and highlights disparities in convictions and sentencing for buyers vs. sellers of sex.  It is referenced in this sumall blog post.

Income Disparity, Crime, Executions, and PA Budget

Here are 4 interactive graphical analyses of social issues:

U.S. Income Disparity  - Shows how the income gap has grown over the past 30 years.
Philadelphia crimes and demographics  - Analyzed by neighborhood, based on 2006 crime data and 2000 census data

U.S. Executions  - Looks at execution rates, homicides, and demographics nationally and by state, from 1930-2006
Proposed PA Budget  - Winners and losers in Governor Corbett's proposed  2012-2013 PA budget